The new sustainable technology that can recycle greywater* into fresh water suitable for human consumption, offering the most innovative process to obtain quality fresh water through an independent water cycle.

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"Clean water for everyone"

- Julia Kleber, CEO @KPRNAqua
A revolutionary, new innovative system bringing the most efficient solution to the problem of scarcity of water. With the separation of grey and black water, KPRN Aqua can recycle greywater* into a quality fresh water for reuse in showers, kitchens, etc. It can even be further purified into drinking water to be then bottled into a branded mineral water.
Hotels and other entities like hospitals and schools can all benefit from the system.
KPRN Aqua can also purify and mineralize water from other water
sources into quality fresh water.
This means that everyone can have access to fresh water. We take care of the precious water resource and work towards a more sustainable future on our planet.
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Recycled greywater*
The only technology that can recycle greywater into quality fresh
water that can be purified suitable for human consumption.
Recycled black water
As an add on solution upon request, black water can be recycled in its own circle, reusing the recycled water in toilets.
Purification and Mineralization
In areas with little fresh water supply, the water from rivers, lakes, damns, water from desalination and purification plants, can be transformed into quality fresh water to assure fresh and mineral water supply.
Water supply
Our technology allows to be prepared for emergencies such as
natural disasters by producing water in a decentralised way and in large quantities.
Save the precious resources of the planet efficiently. KPRN Aqua is the most efficient solution to the problem water scarcity.
Prevents the dumping of waste into the sea, river, etc. for a clean water.
For a sustainable future!

The sustainable reuse of fresh water to conserve resources.

Either in the circulation process of greywater*, or for the treatment of raw water from sea water desalination plants, lakes, rivers, groundwater or rainwater.

Option 1: Recycling, Disinfection, Purification and Remineralization

Loop system - A closed water circuit of the greywater* is used to clean, disinfect, remineralize and reuse the water in a treated form, e.g., in kitchens, bathrooms or laundries and can be converted into drinking water quality.

Option 2: Recycling, Disinfection, Purification and Remineralization

The greywater* is cleaned, disinfected, and used e.g., in the garden, pool, etc. 

Option 3: Disinfection, Purification and Remineralization

Our plants are used to treat bad raw water (groundwater, lakes, desalting) in such a way that it becomes healthy and tasty

A recycling consumption cycle can cause freshwater usage net reductions of more than 90%.

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Our quality assurance and services.

We offer you a complete and personalized study and development of your project, tailored to your infrastructure.
We provide you with our experts in engineering, architecture, and installation.
We equip you with a long-term lease service solution.
We control the monitoring of the system, its information and guarantee its quality.

Who can benefit?

1. Private Sector
Hotels and private buildings.
We provide individual solutions for small and big properties in the hotel industry as well as other private buildings like private hospitals, living spaces, etc.
2. Public Sector
Public buildings and communities. We provide solutions for public buildings such as schools, hospitals, public spaces, parks, stadiums, etc as well as for the water supply of whole communities on a larger scale.
3. Everyone
Water recycling is the future. We assure to provide the best system based on the individualized needs for a safe and high-quality long-term water supply.
All machines are certified and approved by international institutions.

Certified machines.

KPRN Aqua offers compact units that produce high quality fresh water. Our compact modules recycle water from 900l/hour (MiniBox) up to 10.000l/hour (WaterBox) and more. For communal areas, it can
be configured as a container-size/silo solution in case larger quantities need to be processed. We have four different sizes. The units can be connected in series. The process is made up of dosing areas, a reaction chamber, a carbon filter, and a UV unit.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our system is based on the amount of water treated,
a fixed price which tends to be lower than the actual market price. We
offer a lease model where the consumed cubic meter is charged.

We offer two business models:
Lease model for the private consumers, or lease and purchase model for the public sector.


All machines are certified and approved by international institutions.
The system works with different sources of energy: solar, renewable... 

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KPRN Aqua guarantees a stable water supply as well as a fixed water price over long time. Water is and will become an even scarcer
resource in the near future.

KPRN Aqua gives independency on future developments on water shortages and price increases. More than 90% of the external water
supply bills can be saved as well as long term reductions of sewage bills.

Be prepared for tomorrow and certify your entity as sustainable.


The reduction of freshwater need is immense. Each entity can have a huge impact on the future of the planet. KPRN AQUA leads the way
to it. An average of i.e., 300 to 700 litres of fresh water is consumed by one hotel room each day, 109.500 to 255.500 litres per room per year.
This implies for an average hotel with 300 hotel rooms, 32.850 m³ to 76.655 m³ per year.

Imagine the impact one KPRN Aqua System alone could have on the exploitation of the planet's natural resources?

Start recycling your greywater* into
a high quality fresh water.

KPRN AQUA. With the guarantee of its technological partners in German engineering.
Water recycling is the future.

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*not chemically contaminated and after a laboratory analysis.